Innovative, effective tools empowering patients to achieve meaningful goals.

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Causes of Neurological Impairments
Recovery from
Redefining Neuro

MyndMove™ is a non-invasive FES therapy

What is FES therapy?

FES is electrical stimulation applied to paralyzed muscles or nerves used to restore function. Stimulation of a group of muscles in a coordinated pattern can produce functional movements. FES uses the concept of neuroplasticity, the mechanism by which the damaged brain relearns lost behavior in response to rehabilitation.

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MyndMove™ is a single system comprised of several parts

MyndMove™ is an innovative, non-invasive FES therapy whereby electrodes are placed on the skin over the muscles to be stimulated. Individuals are instructed by a trained MyndMove™ therapist to actively attempt to engage their muscles in the desired movement, sending a signal from the brain to the muscle.

How does MyndMove™ Work?

MyndMove™ combines 3 elements to improve hand and arm function in patients::

  • Patient actively attempts the desired movements
  • Specially trained therapist guides the timing and quality of the movements
  • MyndMove™ device delivers the FES

Delivered by a MyndMove™ certified therapist, MyndMove™ therapy has the potential to recover a full range of voluntary motion in patients suffering from upper limb paralysis.

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Dependent to independent

I’m able to move and do more than I ever thought possible!

Watch the video to learn how MyndMove™ helped Andrew go from “dependent to independent” after suffering a stroke which left him with paralysis of his right arm and hand!


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Therapist Certification

An integral component of MyndMove™ therapy is the MyndMove™ trained therapist. Physical Therapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), licensed or certified Physical Therapist assistants (PTAs) and Occupational Therapy assistants (OTAs) complete an intensive multi-day training course provided by MyndTec Inc. or a partner institute in order to qualify as MyndMove™ Therapists.

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Success Stories

Innovative, effective tools empowering patients to achieve meaningful goals.

At MyndTec we want to celebrate your successes and help you achieve your best outcome, faster. Here are some success stories of what is possible.

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