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Product Information

MyndMoveTM is a non-invasive therapy that combines patient participation, therapist expertise and the MyndMoveTM functional electrical stimulation (FES) device to restore voluntary hand and arm function in patients suffering from upper-limb paralysis.

The MyndMoveTM device is a single system comprised of several parts:

  • embedded stimulation protocols that can elicit over 30 different reaching and grasping movements
  • an 8 channel stimulator that can stimulate up to 8 different muscle groups in a single stimulation protocol
  • an intuitive user interface allowing therapists to select and deliver personalized therapy

Embedded Stimulation Protocols

The embedded stimulation protocols are pre-set algorithms designed to induce purposeful movement sequences. There are over 30 pre-set algorithms available for selection based on an individual patient's needs.

Each protocol specifies the sequence of muscle stimulation required to precipitate a natural movement and practice a functional task such as:

  • picking up an object
  • reaching forwards or sideways
  • reaching to grasp an object and retrieving it

These movements involve:

  • proximal to distal function
  • fine motor control

MyndMoveTM protocols can:

  • stimulate movement in severely paralyzed limbs
  • stimulate natural movements such as reaching, grasping, and pinching
  • stimulate combinations of movements
  • stimulate both hands in SCI patients for bi-lateral movements

8 Stimulation Channels

The 8 channels allow for up to eight muscle groups to be stimulated in a single protocol. This unique design allows MyndMoveTM to offer both bilateral protocols for SCI individuals and complex unilateral protocols to treat severe hemiparesis.

For individuals with SCI, bilateral protocols utilize 4 channels for each arm allowing for simultaneous stimulation of the arms. During stimulation, both arms are engaged independently for functional movement such as picking up an object and transferring it between hands.

In single-arm protocols, eight muscle groups can be stimulated for full arm reaching, grasping, and retrieving movement sequences.

The Intuitive User Interface

The MyndMoveTM stimulator has an 11.6’’ touchscreen user interface. The user interface was designed in collaboration with human factors experts incorporating user feedback from therapists during multiple rounds of usability testing.

MyndMoveTM Therapy

Three elements make up MyndMoveTM Therapy:

  • patient participation
  • specially trained therapists
  • the MyndMoveTM FES device

Delivered by a MyndMoveTM certified therapist, MyndMoveTM therapy has the potential to recover a full range of voluntary motion in patients suffering from upper limb paralysis.