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Doug Bell

Doug Bell’s stroke 10 years ago left him unable to use his right arm, stand or speak. Thanks to MyndMoveTM therapy and his therapists, Doug is now living at home with more independence.

On New Year’s Day, 2006, at the age of 69, Doug Bell suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to speak, move his right arm or stand. Over the next few years with his positive attitude and amazing therapists, Doug was able to regain walking with the aid of a cane. However, his right arm remained motionless …until he started MyndMoveTM therapy.

After twenty sessions with MyndMoveTM, Doug needed less help with daily tasks. He could dress himself faster, wash his face, pour his cereal and coffee, bring his right hand to his mouth and load the dishwasher. He was also walking straighter and faster, improving his overall mobility.

Regaining movement in his right arm has given Doug more confidence being on his own. “I can’t make my own dinners YET but with each MyndMoveTM therapy session my shoulder is getting stronger, and it is wonderful. If my shoulder is stronger everything will be stronger and I’ll be able to do more”, says Doug.

Doug hopes MyndMoveTM therapy helps others the way it’s helped him. He is incredibly grateful to Dr. Liem, his therapist Ann-Marie and everyone involved with MyndMoveTM for giving him more independence and enhancing his quality of life.

““I’m so very happy that MyndMoveTM is working to make me and others, well. All those working with MyndMoveTM should reach back and pat themselves on the back”.


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