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Howard Rocket

Thanks to MyndMove FES therapy, Howard regained functional movement in his arm and hand, 20 years post stroke.

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Doug Bell

Doug Bell’s stroke 10 years ago paralyzed his right arm and left him unable to stand or speak. Since starting MyndMove therapy, Doug need less help with daily tasks.

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Astrid Hardjana-Large

Astrid Hardjana-Large’s motto of never giving up is inspiring and puts life in perspective. MyndMove couldn’t ask for a better client.

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Juli Radersma

Juli Radersma travelled from Kimberly, B.C. to Waterloo, Ontario to access MyndMove, the latest in stroke neuro-rehabilitation technology.

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Len Vanesch

After only five MyndMove sessions Len was able to sleep through the night pain-free, straighten his left arm and open his hand.

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Stephanie Walker

On April 17, 1997, at the age of 17, Stephanie Walker’s life trajectory changed in an instant. Almost 20 years later, Stephanie is moving her left arm again, giving her a new outlook on life.

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Jouana Darnas

A terrible injury 5 years ago left Jouana Darnas unable to use her right arm. After 20 MyndMove sessions, Jouana can raise her arm and write her name.

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